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An Eco-Friendly Sparkle for the Conscious Glamourista.

Your love of glitter shouldn’t cost the earth, and here's an exciting solution! Our Nail Glitter is not only fade resistant, heat and solvent resistant, non-toxic, and waterproof, but it also embodies our commitment to sustainability. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy getting glittered up without worrying about the environmental impact.

Made from an eco-friendly film derived from sustainable natural resources, our biodegradable glitter is a guilt-free way to add some shimmer to your nails. And with our screw-top pot, you can keep it airtight and water resistant, ensuring that the glitter won't start to decompose in the pot.

Say hello to glamorous nails without compromising your values. Our Nail Glitter is vegan and cruelty-free, ensuring that no furry friends were harmed in the process. So go ahead, sparkle and shine with a clear conscience!


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